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Bound Demons versus Sorcerous Artifacts


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In comparing Elric! to BRP Sorcery, it seems like a demon bound into an object is vastly more powerful than a sorcerous artifact.

For instance, I could spend 1POW to bind a demon with some sort of gruesome damage bonus into a sword, or with 100+ skill. A similar sorcerous artifact would cost ... well, you couldn't even do it. If you could do it, it would be at least 2POW, for always-on powers, times whatever level of spell it's considered.

In general, binding demons seems like a much, much better bargain than making magic items.

Anyone have any house rules on how to bring the cost of binding a demon in line with the cost of making a magic item?

I'm considering a rule that says its 1 permanent POW for each (full POW) of magic points you spent on the demon and/or for each (full POW) worth of powers you invest in the item...

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OK, first, consider the cost of summoning the demon. Minimum 9 MP, more

likely 30+ MP to summon a "demon of attack" with skill of 100% and 2d10

damage bonus. Plus the POW vs. POW contest to bind. That's significant

risk over the sorcerous artifact. Also, to even summon a demon with

100% or better skill, it has to be a major demon with a minimum of 4d8

POW for an average of 18. That's a pretty steep POW vs. POW test.

In another thread, I posted how to get a demon with the minimum MP

spent, it would take about 19 MP IIRC (Minimum 9 MP to summon, plus

10 MP for the 100% attack/2d10 damage). But that leaves 4d8 POW

and 1d8 for the rest of the stats. 1d8 STR, DEX, SIZ and CON does not

make for a very "combative" demon. I'd houserule that you'd need at

least 3d8 in all of those, so add another 8 MP. Also, a demon of combat

without appropriate armor also sounds unlikely - I would houserule that

armor must closely match attack/damage as well. Say another 7 MP

to get solid armor. We're now looking at 34 MP minimum.

Now, using the Elric! rules, an equivalent demonic bound weapon would be

an eternal bind, not a regular bind. So, that's 3 POW sacrificed, not 1 .

I believe there was a correction to the Elric! rules somewhere, but the BRP

book does this correctly. The 1 POW bind is not permanent, it is short term.

So, unless you want to keep binding the demon to the weapon after each

bind lapses, you keep spending the 1 POW.


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