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Hello everyone!

I've been running CoC for a long time, mostly one shots or 2-3 session scenarios. Now I'd like to step up and run my first campaing.

Although I love reading scenarios and doing all the prep work, my free time is limited, so I think it could be a good idea to pick up a long campaing, prepare and run it, instead of having to think what to run next, checking scenarios that I don't like and wasting time jumping from one to another until I find one that suits my taste (and my players' taste as well).


With all that said, this is my starting point:


- I have 2-3 players, I don't think I can get more than that (and I don't probably want to, because it's hard already to match agendas to schedule the gaming sessions)

- I'd like it more on the classic investigation style and not so pulp, but some pulp won't hurt (I guess that leaves Two Headed Serpent behind, but maybe someone can convince me of the opposite)

- I'd like it long, but not so long that could get boring at some point and risk the players or my commitment to it.


My options could be: Masks, Horror on the Orient Express, Shadows of Yog-Sothoth (although not very sure because it doesn't link the scenarios very well and looks old fashioned to me), A Time to Harvest, 2 Headed Serpent (I know it's for Pulp Cthulhu, but, I'm open to read your comments and maybe change my mind), anything else to consider?


So, if anyone can give me some advice on how to manage a campaing for just 2 players, tips, wich one to pick, alternatives... it will be much appreciated.


Many thanks!

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Tatters of the King might work for you.

It has a fair bit less acute physical danger (or it can be finessed a bit better) than Shadows and Masks. (This is my observation, perhaps grounded more in a reading of it rather than a play through). There's plenty of psychological danger.

Horror on the Orient Express might work as well, but you'd have to supplement the PCs with helpful NPCs, either for a single scenario or for the campaign.

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Many thanks for your reply.

any thoughts about A Time To Harvest?


you know what could be really cool and helpful? A comparison chart with all the major campaings compared with items such as: length, recommended players, mortality, sanity heavyness, a classic vs pulp scale... 

when I’m done with the research I might do it myself.

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