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Lunar Hell -Underworld

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1 hour ago, Sir_Godspeed said:

Woah, this is new. I can see some connection with Shargash, given that he is also identified with Tolat, who is a moon god, but Reladivus/Kargzant, ie. one of the Little Suns?

Reladiva (always the female or an androgynous/hermaphrodite form) may have been a Lunar entity, too, IIRC from the Blue Moon Trolls game Greg improvised at Tentacles. At least the Lunars snatched it out of our hands and mandibles when we were trying to transport the top of that ziggurat as a special pregnancy snack to our Eldest Mother below the plateau.


Tolat was the twin brother of Annilla (various spellings) /Serartmale/Veldara (depending on whose myths you ask), but I don't think that he or his planet have ever been described as a moon, unlike Artia (another Southpath planet that doesn't have phases either). And while the Twin Stars apparently display phases by their lockstep dance around one another and hence are considered to be somewhat Lunar in nature, they never have been called moons in any text I have seen.

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14 hours ago, Joerg said:

The first four sound like pre-Dawn incarnations somewhere west of Dara Happa, and Urstenus definitely is Gray Age. Davu is known from Khordavu in the Dawn Age, and Kerestus actually postdates the rise of the Red Goddess - a contemporary of Sheng Seleris.

You've missed the bit when it says after the sun rose, it's after the Dawn. LoS says:


The sun rose. Nations separated, each to their own destiny. She began to become reborn in the world of mortals, from which all inspiration and change arises now. She was called Sethir, Verener, Morga, Sendaranpola, Urstenus, Davu, Nysalor, and Kerestus. Each of these men and women planted a portion of the knowledge that would be needed to dress Her in Her full glory.

So Urstenus is likely reincarnated in Raibanth.

Verener as a term appears in Verenerasanch, one of Malkion's Erasanchula. They are the power runes, some of who became deities. (Revealed mythologies p29 and Greg's notes). Possibly an incarnation who took the name, IMO likely a sorcerer.

Davu appears in GRoY page 42, an angelic protector of the [Khormesha] family. Possibly an incarnation again in Raibanth where Khordavu was born.

Kerestus is "an avatar of Nysalor" although he appears in the third Wane, as an avatar he can perhaps reincarnate at earlier times.

Sethir, Morga, Sendaranpola don't appear anywhere else other than LoS (including Greg's notes). So they could be anywhere.

These reincarnations need only be around while the Goddess is in the Middle world, a short 27 years.

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