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Rick Meints

WTB - Mongoose RuneQuest books

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I am in need of the following Mongoose RuneQuest books. Please message me if you have any that you are willing to sell:

8113         MRQ         Lankhmar: Nehwon

8114         MRQ         Lankhmar: Swords Against Sorcery

8125         MRQ         Deus Vult: Shadow Societies

8126         MRQ         Deus Vult: Sanctuaries

8127         MRQ         Deus Vult: Rouen

8135         MRQ         Monsters II

8148         MRQ         Dwarfs: Guide to the Mostali

8151         MRQ         Elric: Cults of the Young Kingdoms

8154         MRQ         Elric: Dream Realms

8158         MRQ         RuneQuest (Pocket Deluxe Edition)

8167         MRQ2       Elric: L’ombre du Glorieux Empire

8168         MRQ2       Elric: La Magie Des Jeunes Royames

8192         MRQ2       Arene Des Monstres Vol I

8195         MRQ2       Le Deuxieme Age Vol I

8196         MRQ2       Elric of Melnibone

8197         MRQ2       Elric: Game Master’s Screen

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