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Alternative ammunition?


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I have been perusing my copy of the BRP rulebook back and forth but cannot seem to find any rules for alternative ammuniation types such as armour piercing, hollow point and less-lethal options. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I am not after strict simulationist rules (if not in BRP), but a 'good enough' approach to these ammunition types.

Thanks in advance, Leon.

Very slowly working towards completing my monograph.

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Hello Leon,

Here are the spot rules I have written to go along with my modern firearms system (which can be downloaded here). I don’t think there are any formal rules in the core book.

(TP are “trade points” that I use in my post apocalyptic setting for measuring "cost").


The cost of a single bullet (round) varies with the weapons risk. The ENC is equal to the Risk for 200 rounds.

  • Standard Ball (Risk in TP per round): Standard damage.
  • Depleted Uranium Bullets (x3 normal cost, x2 ENC, Uncommon): Ballistic armor counts half (round down) versus these rounds.
  • Expanding Bullets (x2.0 normal cost, Common): These rounds have +2 normal risk.
  • "Safety" Round (x1.5 normal cost, Uncommon): Damage +1 risk, but ballistic armor counts as double.
  • High Charge Round 1 (x2.0 normal cost, Common): P: +1 risk.
  • High Charge Round 2 (x3.0 normal cost, Common): P+: +2 risk.
  • High Charge Round 3 (x4.0 normal cost, Common): P++: +3 risk.
  • Teflon Bullets (x5 normal cost, Uncommon): Ballistic armor does not protect against these rounds.
  • Tungsten Core Bullets (x2 normal cost, Uncommon): Ballistic armor counts half (round down), but damage is -3 risk.

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Guest Vile Traveller

And there's my Traveller (actually, Striker) conversion here:

BRP Central - Downloads - Striker! Sidearms

Basically, you have trade-offs with ammunition - You'll find in the real world that some types are better at certain things, but few which are good at everything. Armour-piercing is generally not as good at causing damage to sof tissue, fragmenting rounds do lots of damage but might not penetrate armour at all, etc.

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