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Tower of Yrkath Florn full version?

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Is the full longer version of the Tower of Yrkath Florn out there? I was reading my 1st ed SB this morning and reading over the scenario to maybe use for a Conan game I might be running. It mentioned there was a more extensive version. I suspect I just have failed to notice it somewhere along the line.

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On 11/22/2018 at 12:27 PM, Sean_RDP said:

Is the full longer version of the Tower of Yrkath Florn out there?

I doubt it. Based on what little Ken St. Andre wrote about it in the Stormbringer rulebook, I suspect it probably wasn't something written up in on a typewriter in nice, print worthy format. More like  hand written notes that he used to run the game. Since that was before PCs became commonplace, I doubt the original still exists in any form. 

Someone could flesh out the adventure, though. Ken did mention the village of pirates, and the underground passage to the cave with the sleeping dragon, so that could be added. The cellar and third floor could be added back too. And the broken magic mirror could lead to someplace in particular in the multiverse that could be the basis for series of adventures to make their way back. So, there are a lot of elements to work with.

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