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Suggested Scenarios and Supplements?

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Hi Everyone,

I recenty bought an old copy of Stormbringer (4th edition I think!) along with some supplement books. These include Atlas of the Young Kingdoms vol 1, White Wolf, Stealer of Souls, Sorcerers of Pan Tang and Demon Magic.

I've noticed a few others out there on Ebay (some for very high prices!). I'm intrigued by the Sea Kings, Rogue Mistress and a few others but a bit hesitant, as I'd like to hear from a few folks who have played them. Also, are there any essentials, stone cold classics etc out there that I'm overlooking?

Thanks in advance :)

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Rogue Mistress is epic. Definitely to get. It is a great campaign across the multiverse. It has a few issues: 1) it lacks a good hook (invent anything and it will be better than the one provided), 2) It is very deadly, 3) The jump from plane to plane is a bit railroady (but true to Moorock's novels).  That said, the campaign is very, very good. The individual chapters are very imaginative and the overall narrative epic in scope.

If you have Stealer of Souls, you should get Black Sword. The two form a two part epic campaign across the Northern Continent. It is very good. Written by Ken Rolston. 

Perils of the Young Kingdoms is also a very good supplement. A collection of short scenarios, some are OK, some are excellent. None is bad.

Sea Kings of the Purple Towns is also worth getting.

Beasically, most Stormbringer supplement are good to very good, with the possible exception of White Wolf (which is kind of bland) and Octogon of Chaos (third party supplement, with good ideas but a little too old school).



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