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RQG Scenario: My Daughter's Well

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Where: A mountain village; western edge of Prax.

When: Fire Season, 1626

Stakes: The village of Seven Idols will be consumed by the mountain god Cielcath (pr. Keel-cath) or the people will perish from the poisoned well.

Hook: Crossing into Prax the adventurers are attacked at a crossing by crazed shepherds leading a young woman on a mule. The young woman will tell them she must be returned to the village of Seven Idols now that her rescuers are dead. She promises her mother will explain more.

Choices: The characters must make choices from the very start. Do they kill or capture the shepherds? Do they return Drordel to Seven Idols? Do they accept the offer from Vrardel to help her daughter seek the chamber of Cielcath? Will they help her on her tasks or will they allow Drordel to suffer all of the consequences? In the end do they try and destroy Cielcath the Undying, letting Seven Idols die, or allow Drordel to finish the Hero Quest?

Motivations: Though the people of Seven Idols are Lunars, they seem peaceful and fair. They are dying from the poisoned well and Cielcath will devour them all if it awakens. Vrardel promises to allow the younger members of the village to seek out other, non-Lunar gods if they wish, assuming the PCs finish the hero quest. Cielcath is a being of chaos. 

Tone: Focus on the ideas of sacrifice and what it means to be a hero. Seven Idols is doomed, even if the PCs succeed, as the world is changing and the younger members will eventually leave or change their allegiances. Every scene is back-lit by eternal sunset. Success means another season of life. 

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On 11/29/2018 at 7:26 PM, JaredS113 said:

This one seems really cool Sean! I liked the style and the options the characters have.


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