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Looking for Fantasy Grounds Players

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I'm interested! I am new to CoC, although I did play a couple of times about 20 years ago :) I am not familiar with Fantasy Grounds either but I just installed it to see if it works on my setup and it does. I'll have to learn more about that. I'm on Discord already.

It really depends on when this will take place. You mentioned Wednesday evenings but not when (and in which time zone you are).

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Yeah, probably should have mentioned the time and place...

I'm PST (GMT - 8), Los Angeles.

We've played at 6 pm my time, but this is all up for discussion if enough people are interested. I'm planning bi-weekly, but this also could change. I just want to set up a group of interested, potentially available players. There won't be the same commitment as other campaigns, although characters can carry over from session to session, and I'll create a coherent story thread.


Discord: deathsavegames#9643 

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