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Content of Age of Treason Books v. RQ6 Thennla books?


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Mainly adventures, especially the Sands of the Korazoon mini-campaign for a group of starting level adventurers in the Taskan militia, posted to garrison duty on the volatile southern frontier; and the city of Sorandib. But I believe these are scheduled for revision, upgrade and release in the Mythras line before too long.


There are a bunch of rules material for Legend that will never appear in Mythras versions of the setting, at least without heavy modification, as the Mythras books are much more RAW friendly:

SOC (social status) as a characteristic

Rules for NPC reactions, and use of influence skills (including orate)

Enchantment and Summoning rules, as existing in Assabia and adapted into Taskan sorcery. A new version of these may appear in a future release but I would expect them to be heavily re-written.


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On 12/10/2018 at 3:02 AM, VonKatzen said:

In the introduction to Shores of Korantia the author says that he repeats as little as possible from the Legend/Age of Treason supplements. What exactly would I find in the Age of Treason books for Legend that wouldn't be in SoK or The Taskan Empire?

Having Shores of Korantia I am also interested in Age of Treason and The Taskan Empire... But if I ever run them I will use Magic World rules rather than Mythras or Legend (Just to make it less crunchy). With that in mind how much of the Age of Treason and The Taskan Empire is setting and how much rules? I may well adapt some of the rules (like social rules) but I would be most interested in the setting material.

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No reason for Ars Magica players to have all the fun!

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