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Clockwork War Golem Idea

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I haven't checked out my RD/C&C books in a while so perhaps there is something like this, but what about a quasi-magical clockwork war engine with a pilot riding it, and a handful of guys with crossbows to keep light soldiers from targeting its weaknesses (like the Howdah of an elephant)? Not so much a tank as I imagine it but like a gigantic version of a cuckoo clock soldier, complete with a thrusting pike and trip warhammers.

A whole regiment of oversized mechanical men bound together with a tower-chariot behind them.

The Swiss Phalanx!

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Huge clockwork elephants with howdahs full of archers... maybe blowing something fun out its trunk (steam, poison gas, obscuring smoke).

Colossal angel statues carrying lances that belch fire (operated by bellows in back).

4-faced heads on wheels with cannons in their mouths and archers shooting from out the eyes.

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