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Day's Rest


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Is anyone aware of substantive information on Days Rest beyond the (relatively minimal) information in the more obvious sources (GtG; Cults of Prax; ToTRM; Drastic Resolutions; BRP Prax threads etc)? Canon or otherwise. 

Have my own ideas about the oasis folk and the local spirit, as well as the caravan and nomad camps (in 1626), but interested to see others and don't want to deviate unnecessarily from official versions.

Any and all steers (or speculation) gratefully appreciated...

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My current info for the prax book has bit on Day's Rest. The main source of water for the oasis is the Dundealos River which fades underground when entering Prax. Occasional flash floods do reach the oasis though. This results in the area around the oasis being suitable for cucurbits and it even supports 20-30 trees of varying types although most are palms whose fruit is good animal feed. The water of the oasis is open is a long crack in the ground that legend has it was gouged in the stone by Storm Bull's horns. This makes it unusual in that it offers unrestricted access to the water for herd as It's hard edges aren't damaged by their hooves. It has a single clan of Oasis Folk who raise cucurbits.  Day's Rest is one of two main Holy sites for Waha (the other being the Paps) and as a result this causes much trouble in the area. It's a main route for caravans who must pay a toll to water here. In theory as a Waha holy site it is open to all the tribes, but control of it's resources is fought over mainly by the Pol-Joni Khans from the Pol-Joni Marches who wish to show their piety and the Morokanth whose ancestral lands are close at Biggle Stone, who just love cucurbits. Other khans often on Pilgrimage with their clan often take temporary control. To the south are the chaos zones of the Marsh, so most sensible traffic comes here rather than tourney altar as the Paps are a straight run. Morokanth guides are always available at the Paps for the route south and many other vie to take caravans up to Pavis and the Pavis road. The Oasis folk here have a high proportion of orlanthi ancestry and thrive due to the higher rainfall than average and the proximity of the Pol-joni who have their own Ernalda priestesses who pays attention to plants and people here, more so than the Paps does normally.


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Search the Glorantha Resource Site: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com. Search the Glorantha mailing list archives: https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/

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