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On 3/21/2019 at 10:08 AM, Puckohue said:

Did you find one?


On 4/10/2019 at 12:18 AM, 7dot62mm said:

Would be very nice to have that maneuvers table... ūüėé

Alas, I have no better copy of the maneuvers table. my group's last Pendragon campaign was three years and a replacement computer ago.)

If Chaosium does something similar to the Jonstown Compendium or Miskatonic Repository for Pendragon, I'll put the time into a properly laid out write-up for this, with some more details and examples.

Perhaps that would be the time to finish up my Book of Battle-inspired rules for Character-Focussed Sieges too, where you've got week-long Siege Rounds, each side can pick an action for each round (Dig In, Sap, Storm, Sally, Construct/Repair, Forage, etc), PKs/Wives/Stewards can make relevant skill rolls to influence the result, and you track things like Provisions, Ammunition, and Morale. Choosing half-rations for a week conserves your Provisions, but Morale suffers (and can penalize your action roll) - but maybe your PK can make an Orate roll to counteract that. If you're planning to Storm or Sally, choose full rations to put your forces at full effectiveness. PKs fighting in Storm/Sally skirmishes can influence the outcome just like battle rounds. If disease breaks out, Stewardship or Chirurgy might lessen the effect. That sort of thing.

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