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Can any one tell me how....


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... what the basic way's are to find out when players are suppostu strike... I just bought the New BRP book from chaoism. And I really don't get how the combat works.. :S I play an old icelandic system witch is really simelar to BRP but there each Action round is 1 sec and you get a number witch is found out by adding upp your dex and weapon and if your armor slow's you down. But I find it really to complicated in the icelandic system and want to adapt the one from BRP cause I tought it was simpler... But I just really cant fathom it :P Each round is 12 sec. but in the icelandic it is 1 sec and there fore lets say you have a really quick assassin and he does an attack each 2 seconds and maybe you have a warrior wich does an attach each 12 seconds so your assassin does 6 attacks before your warrior does ... witch is pretty un balanced since we made new charakters last week and our assassin was really a better "tank" than the warrior cause damage per second and his parry odds where much grater than the warr.... so if some one can put it quite simple to me how best it would for us to adapt the BRP combat system to our icelandic one witch like I said is really simelar forinstance I can take most creatures from the BRP and use them in the icelandic one with out making allot of alternations.

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Well, first off, keep in mind that my book is at home, so maybe I'll forget something, but if I remember correctly, initiative can work a number of different ways, like this:

"Basic" Initiative:

There is first a "powers" phase when every character using a power (ex.: Sorcery, Super Power, etc.) starts casting or doing what is needed to use their power. These powers normally have a "casting time" of one complete round. This is done in order of INTelligence, so if my mage has an INT score of 13 and yours has an INT of 15, you start casting first.

Then, there is a "normal action phase" where every other action is resolved in order of DEXterity, so again, if your assassin has DEX 16 and my knight has a DEX of 12, you act first. Obviously, a character can only cast a spell/use a power or make a normal action, not both.


-You can give more actions to a character by subtracting 10 (I think) to his DEX rank every action in the round until you hit 0. For instance, your DEX-16 assassin can strike at DEX rank 16 and 6 and my DEX-12 knight at DEX rank 12 and 2. This does not apply to powers: a mage can only cast one spell per round.

-You can randomize initiative by rolling 1d10+DEX (or 1d10+INT for spellcasters) at the beginning of each round, so that if your assassin rolls a d10 and gets 7, his initiative for the round is (16+7=) 23. You could combine this with the previous permuation so that your assassin would act at DEX ranks 23, 13 and 3.

All of this occurs during the 12-second-long round. All the GM has to do is call the DEX ranks from the highest to the lowest until the round is over. If your assassin acts at DEX ranks 16 and 6, you act when the GM calls DEX rank 16, and then wait until he gets to DEX rank 6 for your other action.

Hope it helps!:)

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Proud pen-and-paper roleplayer since 1991!

Blood and Souls for Lord Arioch!

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You're welcome.

However, on closer inspection, it's a little more complicated, so I think you should look at the beginning of the Combat chapter for more details, because explaining them all is going to be pretty lengthy. For starters, the pointers I gave you should do. :ohwell:

Proud pen-and-paper roleplayer since 1991!

Blood and Souls for Lord Arioch!

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