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Pre-generated characters for Petersen's Abominations

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Hey cultists,

the introduction chapter of Petersen's Abominations states the following.


Each of the pre-generated characters is also provided as a download from www. chaosium.com on writeable PDF Call of Cthulhu investigator sheets, allowing the Keeper to both print them out as needed and to tinker with skill and characteristic values as they see fit.

Where exactly can I find these on the website? Apparently I'm either too stupid or too blind to find them for myself. So I'd be very grateful for the link!

Thanks in advance!

So far I only read the scenario The Derelict from this book and I love it. The others look like they might be interesting as well. Good work, Chaosium!

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34 minutes ago, klecser said:

I can't seem to find them either!

Thanks for trying, anyway!

So maybe it would make sense to place them somewhere that's easier to find! ;)

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Yep, byakhees stole and flew away with the pre-gen PCs PDF  - we've sent some nightgaunts to retrieve the PDF pack and aim to have this on the site soon - bear with us! 

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