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The Blue Moon is classically invisible, so no. However, the Blue Streak happens when it falls through Magasta's Pool, so yes.

I would say that if it could be seen then it would be visible both day and night. Maybe Blue Moon Trolls and various mystics or magicians can see the Invisible Blue Moon.

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19 hours ago, Animal Nomad said:

Is the Blue Moon also Mistress of the Light of Knowledge that Lhankor Mhy married after finding her in the Underworld after Tien beheaded her in the Darkness?

That seems more of a stretch.  Elasa seems associated more with Ourania and possibly Dayzatar.  The light atop the torch of truth.

19 hours ago, Animal Nomad said:

Is there a connection between Blue Moon and Daliath? 

Glorantha Sourcebook p.80 notes "Annilla the Blue Moon is a daughter of a Sea God and a Darkness goddess."

p.102 notes that Tolat (son of the Sun and the goddess of Night) is the brother of the Blue Moon goddess (either Annilla or Veldara).

As Daliath is the Keeper of Wisdom, it seems likely that he would be the father of Annilla and the goddess of Night (though possibly Edzaroun the River Styx, the first water) her mother.

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On 24 January 2019 at 1:47 AM, Joerg said:

Then are Tolat and Annilla twins with different fathers? (Not unheard of in myth, e.g. Llew Llaw Gyffes and his elder brother by a sea demon.)

That might make sense, but may be unnecessary. Note the overlap between Entekos, 'mother of moons' and Dendara in the Entekosiad... and the fact that Verithurusa, the white moon, is right there as Tolat's sister in the Sourcebook. Verithurusa is transformed or reincarnated as the Blue Moon when she is trapped in the Underworld and gives birth. (White Moon = childhood; Red Moon = adolescent/young woman; Blue Moon = mother; Black Moon = crone).

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The Veldara cycle doesn't need any other moon color than blue to go through all those stages (except crone, she or her planetary body was killed/destroyed before it came to that). The different fathers do play a role in their inherited (and occasionally quite different) powers.

The affinity to the waters is something that the Pelorian blue moon never quite mentions or achieves, but it is a core identity of Annilla (of troll and elder giant myths, and as known in the west) and Veldara (the Artmali are among the most successful sailor cultures in Glorantha). According to the sourcebook, Tolat doesn't share that heritage - son of  the sun god and the goddess of night, conceived in the Underworld, while Annilla is the daughter of a sea god and a darkness goddess.

The various moon myths defy the God Learner cycles of the world through the cycles of their own, which do intersect.

Annilla as per Troll Gods is one of the main actresses in the war of dragon and giants, so deep in the mythic past that there are no elemental myths to match them. After her husband died/was maimed beyond recognition, she begat a dead child and took over its body, rising into the sky. That's where her myths fall into the Blue Moon pattern.

Trying to match the earlier Annilla to any of the Pelorian pre-blue moon goddesses becomes very much a stretch. Verithurusa the Red Moon wanderer did mate with a huge male freshly arrived in the Underworld (as per Lives of Sedenya) as the arrival of Umath restarts the cyclical pattern of the heavens for a short time, until the Bad Emperor summons forth Shargash to stop Umath (Sourcebook).

The Veldara Cycle is firmly placed in the Storm Age, but it has the entire cycle again, from Afidisa's innocence (very similar to what is hinted but never detailed about Verithurusa's wanderings) over Artmal's first empire with the demigod entombing himself for apotheosis (Sourcebook) or getting imprisoned by Storm opponents and Trickster, over Artmal's heirs who fit the Storm Age and Greater Darkness patterns while both their ancestor and ancestral goddess are dismembered by enemies, and a desperate and in the end ruinous alliance with Chaos.







Telling how it is excessive verbis


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