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Mythic Iceland with only Cthulhu Dark Ages


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I am wanting to start a Dark Ages campaign set in Norway/Denmark. Mythic Iceland looks to be an excellent additional resource for that, but I currently own only Cthulhu Dark Ages.

Would it be possible to play Mythic Iceland using only Cthulhu Dark Ages? I see that it is a BRP product, but it also has a Dark Ages section. I am hoping that I can get by with just Dark Ages. 

Does anyone have any experience with this? Are there things I would be missing out on without the BRP book? Would the BRP book have additional resources that could enhance a Dark Ages campaign even if not "necessary"?


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CDA is complete, so I think you should be OK with just that. Anything else you really need is described in MI. Your not really missing out on anything, but the BRP Big Gold Book does provide a lot of systemic options that you might like to add in (Hit Locations being an example).


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I'm currently running a Mythic Iceland campaign and think it'll work just fine with Cthulhu Dark Ages. Mythic Iceland does refer to the BRP Big Gold Book, but after character generation it's mostly the combat and advancement rules you need, which you can just replace with the one in Cthulhu Dark Ages.



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