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Terror Australis in the wild

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21 minutes ago, MOB said:

An advance copy of TERROR AUSTRALIS has made it to Australian shores!

The fleet with the rest of them has now set sail from the Orient, heading to Botany Bay, Old Blighty, and the New World, on schedule for a March release.



Apropos of nothing, as a kid "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin lived a few streets away from where this image was taken, and he had to walk through this park to get to school...

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Further news about TERROR AUSTRALIS:
—OOCL MEMPHIS is due at Longbeach CA by 22 Feb: http://bit.ly/2GSljAM
—MOL TRIBUTE is due at Southhampton on 7 March (same ship as RQG!) http://bit.ly/2NeBwBg
—XIN CHI WAN - arrival date at Botany Bay (Sydney) is 25 Feb (also same ship as RQG) http://bit.ly/2DXxsRT
This means (customs and drayage willing) we should have Terror Australis in hardback available by mid-late March.


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I have to say, I'm not totally sold on the cover art - I think the original version is much better.  I understand it is a bit more representative of native Aboriginal art, but it's just not grabbing me.  It does look like a hefty tome though!

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