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River Dragon?


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Hey folks,

One of the episodes in The Eleven Lights involves the party encountering Orlanthi rebels battling against a 20 ft river dragon. What is a river dragon?

Is this just an alligator or crocodile and being called a “dragon” in Glorantha?

@Ian Cooper?


As they break through the tree line, the PCs see four men and women fighting a large river dragon. The creature has its jaws around one of the four and is thrashing him about. The others stick the river dragon with spears, trying to get it to release its hold on their companion, before it can retreat into the water.
The river dragon is a huge beast, twenty feet long and weighing some 2000 lbs. Rostakus and his patrol join the fight against the river monster. Such a large group is able to force the River Dragon to release its victim and slink back into the water. The prize in such a contest for the PCs is to survive without injury and perhaps acquit themselves well.


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As for river predators, the most feared is the river dragon, a large crocodilian
found throughout the river system.

Sartar Companion p65

River dragons are aquatic reptiles that live in large
packs along the Creek-Stream River. Most are
about 10 feet long and weigh about 600 pounds.
However, they grow throughout their life; some
ancient river dragons are over 20 feet long and
weigh over 2000 pounds. All river dragons are
hostile to humans; they are notorious maneaters.

Sartar Companion p152


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27 minutes ago, daskindt said:

Yeah. I think I’ll use the stats for the giant croc in the RQG Beastiary.

You could give it magic and a breath attack as well, for a laugh. If the PCs don't like meeting a giant croc, they'll like a poison-breathing magic-using giant croc even less.

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The key question, for me, is whether the thing is intelligent.  Anything genuinely "draconic" in nature will be smart.  A crocodilian -- even if it has some vaguely-draconic affiliation, because this is Glorantha and it's that sort of crocodilian -- is stupid.

A smart foe will be vastly more dangerous.  But also, it can potentially be reasoned with.



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1 hour ago, g33k said:

The key question, for me, is whether the thing is intelligent.  Anything genuinely "draconic" in nature will be smart. 

Does not follow.  For example, the bigger magisaurs are dumber than smaller ones (Magus Profundus (SIZ 2D6+12, INT 3D6; Magus Magnus SIZ 2D6+36 INT 1D6) RQ:G Bestiary p113-114 despite having more magic.


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