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Thread on rpg.net - thanks to everybody

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I found this thread on rpg.net and had one pleasant surprise: Revolution D100 was quoted by many (i would say most) contributors as the most credible contender to the excellent Mythras system in terms of rule elegance. I have not chimed in the discussion in order to keep the thread as it is, a collection of user remarks free of author input, but I wish to thank all who have suggested Rd100 as "a game to try" on that thread. At a moment when we have little opportunities for promoting the game (but this is going to change soon), user support is precious. Thank you people.

I just wish to address the concerns that somebody has reiterated about the clarity of some parts of the rules. We *do* have a plan to rephrase the core rules and polish some parts, it is just that we do not have an ETA to announce for the event, and the actual rewriting is still in its inception phase - i.e. bullet list. At the moment, finishing Red Moon Rising and other yet unannounced supplements is a greater priority. But a streamlined version of the rules will appear in the not-so-far future.


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