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Ok Morien, I see what you're doing there, however it was unclear in the context of the discussion that this notation applied beyond Traits. My understanding was that the notation solved a particular problem of Traits supposedly capping at 20, with the +3 (e.g.) offsetting penalties--only.

My point simply being that if scores >20 in Traits are treated differently then you lose the mechanical benefits to crits on rolls. 

Whether a high skill or attribute is calculated as 23 or 20(+3) is another matter and clearly you would expect the system to ensure Sir Critsalot gets his due.



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Yeah the only difference is (supposed to be) with glory, and frankly, I don't see it as an issue. Somebody who can raise Valorous to 22, probably could have had Valorous 18, and Modest 16 just as easily, and that's 10 more glory.  

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