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Oneshot suggestion for newbies

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Hi, the way my regular group works is that we often play a one-shot (usually 1 to 2 sessions), and if we like that play a longer campaign. 

I'm fairly new to both HeroQuest and Glorantha, and have enjoyed it so far  - but if I'm going to get the group , who are pretty much newbies to both HeroQuest and Glorantha ,to buy into playing a HeroQuest Glorantha campaign, I'm going to have to come up with a decent one-shot.

Does anyone have any good suggestions?

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1 minute ago, David Scott said:

What have you purchased, rather than straight off recommending you buy something.

Most of it! 😀 (that was available in recent years)

I have:

  • HeroQuest Glorantha
  • Sartar Companion
  • Sartar Kingdom of Heroes
  • Pavis gateway to Adventure
  • The Gloranthan classics books
  • Coming Storm
  • Eleven Lights

Now if you were to ask me what I've read, the answer would be very different 😔

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If you feel adventurous (pun intended) you could start from the Eleven Lights. It would require a little more reading from you (as the GM) but you don't need to read all of the two books (Coming Storm and 11L). Keep the characters thin at the beginning and introduce only the NPCs in the scenario. From page 38 in Eleven Lights you can find "The Missing" scenario. If you after that want to continue, you have rest of the book to do the campaign.

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I've run The Fortress of Doors, the first scenario from the collection Gloranthan Adventures 1: New Beginnings mentioned above by Steve, a couple of times, with groups largely or entirely new to both HeroQuest and Glorantha, and it's been a hit. It's not only a fairly unusual adventure in itself, it also does a good job of presenting different sorts of situations and challenges, very instructive when it comes to showing how HeroQuest gets everyone involved.

The clearest example came when one group tried to argue their case in front of the clan council and gain some support: the eloquent character failed; the logical, intellectual character failed; the bruiser, standing at the back and growing increasingly frustrated by all the talking, strode forwards, slammed his axe into the table (bisecting it neatly) and made a few short remarks to the crowd. From being on the verge of failure and exile one minute the group suddenly found their names being chanted and the council reluctantly backing their plan in the face of overwhelming popular support; and that was the moment the players really grasped just what the system could let them do. 


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