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Old Flintnail Fort, Map and Brief Temple Crawl!


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As always, I have added this to my Big Rubble Map, and thanks for mentioning the map in the writeup.

Alcuin was interesting. He reminded me of an NPC in our RQ2 Campaign, a non-Chaotic Jack o'Bear Arroin Healer, who had 2 Large Shields that he used in combat, to parry the living but to bash undead. I like the idea of a Healer who can fight.

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I always liked the notion of Arroin as a sort of cross between Humakti and Chalana Arroy. I also like bringing in characters from the narratives of Biturian Varash or Paulus when I can. Since Alain died and his ghost was floating around for a while, he seemed like a good sort to be returned as a Sword Saint, no longer Humakti, but with a similar set of ideals. How Humakt feels about him is an open question.

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