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Great tool for gms

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...if you like to personalize your campaign.



...uses algorithms to generate synthetic faces.  These people do not exist.

Sure, they have modern jewellery and clothes.  Personally, I tend to use Renaissance paintings as they have the right clothes, haircuts, background, and setting, but it's a pretty laborious process to give every significant npc a face that way.

Edit: you can just refresh this page to get new images.

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More GM tools: I tend to use a lot of audiovisual props in my game, lending to group visualization and atmosphere.

Today quadspinner has released a public version of GAEA terrain creator.  Highly recommended software for photorealistically rendering synthetic scenes.

(warning, on install, my system rebooted when it was completed installing)


Not to mention, their https://quadspinner.com/ splash screen I'm going to figure out SOME way to use that animation for a water elemental lord or something in my game.  That is super cool.

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