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Southern Reaches Map Scale

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I'm SURE this has come up. I can't find it in the searches but...

I JUST noticed the MW map of the Southern Reaches Scale in Miles reads   0   5   10   15   25   30   35   40

Maybe my cartography skills are lacking but...                                                     

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On a related note, I'm working on an NPC who runs a transport boat from Tindale to Shillingshead to Lashingport. I THINK the average sailing speed in good conditions is about 48 miles per day (?)

What do you good people think transport from Tindale to Shillingshead (about 45 miles) might cost?

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5 hours ago, tooley1chris said:

What do you good people think transport from Tindale to Shillingshead (about 45 miles) might cost?

That depends on if you want to avoid any "Imperial entanglements". 😁

On a more serious note, you might find the attached file useful. It's big. Sorry. About 17.5 Mb and 540 pages.  I found it here:


It contains little snippets like:

The and charge for passing under the bridge at Marlow was
"one penny for each vessel passing under the
bridge laden with goods for sale exceeding in
value 40s." (37);
at Windsor:-
"Every ship passing under the bridge, laden with
wares for sale exceeding the value of 100s., is
to pay two pence." (38)
Charges were also made at the bridge of Maidenhead:-
"id. on every ship or boat laden with merchandise
passing under it." (39)

Where "s" represents shillings and "d" represents pence. So there may be charges for passing under bridges. There's this, as well:

The river was used for the conveyance of passengers in the twelfth
century; in 1198 the Sheriff of Shropshire paid 6s. 3d. for the hire of
a barge to carry the wife of one Griffin ap Rese from Bridgnorth to
Gloucester. (3)

Bridgnorth to Gloucester is about 60 miles, not much different from your Tindale to Shillingsford journey.

There are 12 pence in one shilling, so the journey from Bridgnorth to Gloucester would have cost (6x12)+3 or 63 pence

According to MW p.35, a loaf of fresh bread costs 1 Bronze. For this to be "affordable" in the middle ages, it would seem that 1 Bronze = 1 penny.  Therefore, Bridgnorth to Gloucester would be 63 Bronze, plus the costs of any bridges passed under. Roughly, this is 1 Bronze per mile.

Your journey from Tindale to Shillingshead is about 3/4 the distance of Bridgnorth to Gloucester, so the cost would be about 63 x .75 = 47 Bronze. Let's round that up to 50, say, to account for bridges and other taxes.

Now, I freely admit I've had a few pints tonight and the research was carried out very quickly. So I'm not terribly confident of the 1 Bronze = 1 pence conversion. However, you may be able to get some comparisons from the following links:



http://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/SLT/society/city life/cost.html



Price comparisons from these sites are mostly Renaissance-based. It depends on how "developed" you consider the society of the Southern Reaches to be.

Booze aside, I hope you find this useful.



PS: If you need some more input with your Tindale project, please let me know.





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The Hârn Pilot's Almanac, if you can get it, also has a lot of fees and charges for ships. It includes port fees and tide times for every Lythian port. Which is kind of useless if you're not playing in Hârn, but it would be easy to make a similar table for Southern Reaches ports if you were running a maritime/trading campaign.

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