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This is one journey your players will not soon forget...
Call of Cthulhu's DEAD LIGHT is DriveThruRPG's Deal of Day - 50% off

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Thanks for the heads-up!

For those who take advantage of this deal, for those who already own it, and to Chaosium (as a proposed errata for this scenario), you might be aware of an issue regarding "Walter the pump jockey" (p.7) as brought up by Seth Skorkowsky in his Youtube review of this scenario.

I think I may have solved the mystery regarding Walter "the pump jockey" (why he appears to be an NPC but without any detail beyond his name).

Walter is obviously the gas station pump attendant, but I think it is he, not Jake Burns [the farmer], who is "now passed out at one of the tables", presumably because he was just struck by Jake's pick-up as he "swerved to miss the gas pumps". This theory is supported by the fact that there is no mention of Jake recovering from unconsciousness anywhere else in the scenario, and that the "farmer [is] babbling incoherently about a "Dead Light" he saw" (meaning Jake is clearly still conscious). Therefore, it would be he [Jake] "sweating feverishly with Sam, the station's owner, fussing helplessly over him [Walter]". This would also explain why there is no NPC sheet/stats for Walter - he remains unconscious the whole time.

If the above sounds feasible to you, consider replacing sentence 1 and 2 of the second-last paragraph (Keeper's Notes: Events So Far) with:

Looking out into the storm between the flashes of lightning, a farmer’s truck has just swerved to avoid hitting the gas pumps, but in so doing has inadvertently struck the fleeing form of Walter, the pump jockey. Both the shaken farmer and the unconscious Walter are quickly assisted into the cafe. The farmer is sweating feverishly, babbling incoherently about a “Dead Light” he saw on the road, and Sam, the station’s owner, is fussing helplessly over the passed out form of Walter, now at one of the tables.

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