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Pirates & Dragons...how useful/usable are the sailing rules in a "standard" Renaissance campaign?

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I will be starting a Pirates and Dragons campaign soon(ish) and have looked at the ships combat rules, they are fairly basic and designed for quick and cinematic resolution of ship to ship or ship to monster combat. I have also been looking at the BRP supplement Blood Tide which seems to have a more comprehensive rules set for sea battles. So whilst I cannot recommend one over the other yet, I will be trialling both to see which may players think is more in keeping with the spirit of the campaign as it evolves.



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I Might be going the route of hybrid rules as  I like the simplicity of P&D Combat but wanted something more in depth regarding ship type, manoeuvres and wind direction etc. We have a sailor in the family so have learnt a bit about effect of wind on various dinghies and how close to the wind they can effectively sail and I would like to get a flavour of these considerations into my game so that characters have to put a bit of thought into what the vessel can and can't do.

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