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Kickstarter: A Pound of Flesh, module for sci-fi horror game Mothership

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I'm not affiliated with this in any way, I just discovered the game not long ago. The game itself, Mothership, is BRP-adjacent being a d100, roll-under system. You can get the base game off of DriveThru for free (PWYW). This Kickstarter has been wildly successful, currently with 4 days left and funding at almost $34,000 from an initial goal of $500. Figured I'd post it here just as an FYI.

Pound of Flesh Kickstarter

Publisher Home Page

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Our group played through the first Mothership adventure, Dead Planet, and that was fun/weird. It's pretty much a small sandbox... non-linear, but with a singular problem PCs will really need to sort out.
The system was a bit BRP-ish... but with classes... and a skill tree. Combat was a bit bland, which, being a horror game, isn't the main focus anyway.
I'm certainly interested in any further adventure/setting material for it, even if I might choose to use a different system instead.

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