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Book of Sires: Lifespan and Glory Statistics?

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Hi all. I was wondering if I could get those of you who have bought and used Book of Sires to share your results in a quick study. In short, I am curious to find out the birth and death year (and maybe cause of death?), and Glory of the Grandfathers and the Fathers. Starting homeland would be nice, too, since that does have some impact (more peaceful regions -> fewer battles -> less glory but longer lifespans, on average).

Thanks to the way Book of Sires is set up, with nested tables (if you roll this, then roll that) that change year to year, and some additional IF-THEN statements and choices, it is laborous to automatize as a code, since you pretty much have to type in each year and table... It is doable, but it would take me time I am not willing to put into it. Instead, I am hoping that people who have actually rolled through the family histories could list their results, and I could just chuck them into an excel file and play around with it there.

As an example:

Salisbury Grandfather (413 - 445, Killed by raiders) 1897 Glory 

Salisbury Father (438 - 471, Illness) 2565 Glory

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The Apart from the problematic character we discussed elsewhere - I looked him over and he mis-mathed the starting & marriage glory - we had these values on our recent run through Sires:

Salisbury grandfather (408-461 died at Wantsum Channel) 3,376 Glory

Salisbury father (433-469 died gloriously at Maisbeli) with 3,367 Glory.

Salisbury grandfather (408-450 died accidentally) with 2,831 Glory.

Salisbury father (433-463 died Night of Long Knives) with 2,218 glory.

And another, where I’ve also just realized something went wrong. Seems I explained grandfather’s starting glory very poorly.

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