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Book of Sires: Lifespan and Glory Statistics?

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Hi all. I was wondering if I could get those of you who have bought and used Book of Sires to share your results in a quick study. In short, I am curious to find out the birth and death year (and maybe cause of death?), and Glory of the Grandfathers and the Fathers. Starting homeland would be nice, too, since that does have some impact (more peaceful regions -> fewer battles -> less glory but longer lifespans, on average).

Thanks to the way Book of Sires is set up, with nested tables (if you roll this, then roll that) that change year to year, and some additional IF-THEN statements and choices, it is laborous to automatize as a code, since you pretty much have to type in each year and table... It is doable, but it would take me time I am not willing to put into it. Instead, I am hoping that people who have actually rolled through the family histories could list their results, and I could just chuck them into an excel file and play around with it there.

As an example:

Salisbury Grandfather (413 - 445, Killed by raiders) 1897 Glory 

Salisbury Father (438 - 471, Illness) 2565 Glory

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The Apart from the problematic character we discussed elsewhere - I looked him over and he mis-mathed the starting & marriage glory - we had these values on our recent run through Sires:

Salisbury grandfather (408-461 died at Wantsum Channel) 3,376 Glory

Salisbury father (433-469 died gloriously at Maisbeli) with 3,367 Glory.

Salisbury grandfather (408-450 died accidentally) with 2,831 Glory.

Salisbury father (433-463 died Night of Long Knives) with 2,218 glory.

And another, where I’ve also just realized something went wrong. Seems I explained grandfather’s starting glory very poorly.

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  • 8 months later...

Player 1, grandfather - 409 - 456, Battle of Aylsford - 2238 Glory

Player 1, father - 433-479, Battle of Frisia - 5,498 Glory

Player 2, grandfather - 409-457. Battle of Kent - 2,244 Glory

Player 2, father - 433-479, Battle of Frisia - 3,451 Glory

Player 3, grandfather - 409-439, Battle of Carlion, 2561 Glory

Player 3, father - 433-460, Battle of Lugo, 2989 Glory

Player 4, grandfather - 409-463, Night of the Long Knives, 2,653 Glory

Player 4, father - 433-469, player: "It's probably the plague," Me: "Sure!" - 1,933 Glory

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Now, I wasn't completely by the book on all of my characters, because 2 of them had already established that their fathers died on the Knight of Long Knives, which by the book is impossible. I also used a variation on the Father's class tables from Book of Knights and Ladies to determine the actual class of the father and Grandfather, and a couple of them were Esquires; I'll make note of that and put in what they would have gotten had they been knighted.

Player 1, Salisbury grandfather: don't have birth year written down, but was knighted in 430 so presumably 409, and he died in 439 in the Battle of Carlion. 1680 Glory

Player 1, Salisbury Father: player also didn't write down his father's birth year; annoying, but he was knighted in 451, so presumably 430.. Not sure if that's technically possible according to the book, but oh well. Died gloriously in Battle of Snowdon in 468. He also failed to write his father's ending Glory, but his starting glory was 504, so presumable 5040, though when I add it myself I got 5220. So... Yeah, I should probably not have let my players record this stuff on their own.

Player 2, Estregales grandfather: 409-440, died of Illness. He was an esquire, so had 490 Glory, were he a knight by the book he would have had 1490

Player 2 father, player kept super bad records of his father. He was 28 when he died, and I think he took part in the March of Aurelious Ambrosius to explain how they got to Salisbury. His Glory was 1602, though he was also an esquire, so would have had 2602 were he knighted.

Player 3, Salisbury grandfather: 409-448, died of illness, 1952 Glory

Player 3, Salisbury father: 440-463, died in Night of Long Knives (this was a character choice, not something that can actually be obtained in the book), had 1242 Glory, but was an Esquire so would have had 2442 otherwise.

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I think this one is from Ganis, in Aquitaine.

Anseis de Aurillac: 408-451. Died gloriously in the Battle of Chalons. 2975 Glory.

Liuva de Aurillac: 434-474. Died in a skirmish against the Cornish. After the March of Aurelius, I made the player roll on the regional tables again, to determine where he ended up. I think in 470 I began using the Cornwall tables. 2672 Glory.

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On 3/9/2019 at 11:32 AM, Sir Mad Munkee said:

we had these values on our recent run through Sires:


On 11/23/2019 at 7:12 AM, Call Me Deacon Blues said:

Now, I wasn't completely by the book on all of my characters,


On 11/23/2019 at 6:01 PM, Anuillan said:

I think this one is from Ganis, in Aquitaine.

Thanks for all the responses so far, guys!

If I could trouble you with a follow-up, what passions & directed traits and on what values did the grandfathers and fathers pick up?

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Holy eff.
I think I should know that. Just a second...

Toulouse Aquitanian Lineage of Reccared:

  • Grandfather: Leander de Toulouse: Born 410, died 448 at the Battle for Alamannia - 2278 Glory.
    He passed on the Directed Trait: Prudent (Opened Field Battles)
  • Father: Perrin de Toulouse: Born 439, died 484 at the Battle of Eburacum - 5412 Glory
    He passed on a Directed Trait: Cowardly 5 (Big Fires)and a Hate Saxons 12.

Ascalonian Cornish Lineage of Sir Graid ap Owain

  • Grandfather: Uwain ap Athan: Born 418, died 440 while on Garrison Duty, shanked by Irish Raiders.
    He passed on a Hate Irish 17
  • Father: Owain ap Uwain: Born 439, died 477 in a riding accident - Glory 4518
    He passed on a Heritage Passion of 15

Roestoc Cumbrian Lineage of Sir Aldwyn

  • Grandfather: Kennrick ap Padarn: Born 411, died at the Battle of Chiviot Hills in 443 - Glory 1818
    He passed on a Directed Suspicious of Silchester at 9 and a Hate (Vortigern) 12
  • Father: Morien ap Kennrick: Born 439, died in 477, gloriously fighting the Wyrm in Roestoc - Glory 4078
    He passed on a Hate Saxons 15 and a Directed Trait Valorous: Wyrm Hunter 4

Dorsettian Romano-British Lineage of Sir Aurelius

  • Grandfather: Albanus Sertorius: Born 409, died at the hands of assassins in 445 - Glory 2023
    He passed on a Hate Irish 19
  • Father: Gessius Sertorius: Born 438, died glouriously taking two Saxon spears for Aurelius Ambrosius - Glory 4211
    He passed on a Hate Saxons 13

That was way more notes than I knew I had.

Søren A. Hjorth
- Freelancer Writer, Cultural Distributer, Font of Less Than Useless Knowledge

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With mine earlier, Player 1 got Hatred (Saxons) 8, Hate (Vortigern) 18, as well as Suspicious (British Christianity) 3, Suspicious (Vortigern) 1, and Cowardly (Big Fires) 2. It's not clear who they were inherited from, though I could probably suss it out from checking the years.

Player 2 currently has a Hatred (Saxons) 21, and I remember he did inherit a greater value from his father, but I don't think it was 21 to start with. I'm not sure if that's mathematically possible. It was high though.Also Hatred (Vortigern) 16, Suspicious (British Christianity) 3, and Suspicious (Vortigern) 3

Player 3 marked down who he got what from and when; got Suspicious (Roman Christianity) 6 in 447 from Grandfather, Suspicious Vortigern 2 in 455, and Hate (Saxons) 19 in 463... Somehow she also has a suspicious (Berroc Saxons) 6, and I've barely dealt with them in my campaign so I assume it must have come from this though.

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So, I actually made a character to play Pendragon instead of running it. First time ever for me! Anyways, I went from the Southern lands in Logres then left for the continent then returned with Aurelius. Grandpa was surprisingly mild rolling 6-12 seemingly everytime. Father did a lot better though died younger

Grandpapy: 413-465 Died in Aurelius' March that year end Glory 2305

The Ole Man Himself: 438-477 Died with 6032 Glory (Wow, still impressed by that.) He was in battles frequently and I rolled high on the 1d6. The marriage at the beginning was decent, but not notable. He did originally die young {early 460s} but the GM gave me a complication so that we could keep going. I was hoping to go down with Aurelius, but it just wasn't meant to be.


Grandpa had a Suspicious of Roman Christians, they both hated Saxons and father was afraid of fire though I think there was another passion/trait in there

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Flipped the 3 and 0 in Grandfather's glory
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