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Demon Binding with other BRP power systems

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So I was thinking of adding Elric/Magic World demon summoning to my current Crucible of Dragons (OpenQuest) game which primarily uses RQ4/RQG/RQ2 as the rule set. So I want it to be cool and powerful but not too imbalanced.

Some thoughts-

A lesser demon weapon/armor cannot add more damage/protection than the base item could do. If your weapon does d8, the demon form cannot do more than 2d8. Meanwhile, if you have 5 point armor suit, your demon version cannot be more than 10 (since I don't use random armor, the armor trait grants a +1 armor per level/mp spent).

Greater Demons can break this rule, but each 2 steps they increase requires they have an additional 1d8 POW. So a Greater Demon with 5d8 Pow could be bound as a weapon that went 4 steps above the weapon's base die.

Damage that penetrates a demon armor's AV inflicts damage to the demon's Con first. As normal, demons without regeneration cannot be 'healed' or 'repaired' on the mortal plane. Crits that ignore armor inflict damage straight to the demon's Con. (I'm debating if demon armor is immune to normal weapons and can only be harmed by enchanted or Bladesharp boosted weapons).

Demon Armor and weapons can be further augmented by buffing spells as normal.

Binding to a demon weapon/armor require a POWvsPOW struggle by the would be new user (not the binder) to control. Success costs 1 POW, failure means the weapon always fumbles and the armor simply cannot be put on.

Each bound demon the character possesses reduces their Rune Points by 1, permanently (not max, just current). Gods loathe demons, except certain Chaotic/Evil ones.

How does this sound?


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In addition, I was planning on giving Sorcerers the powers of a Shaman from RQG. I don't like Shaman as concepts in RQ, but I like their mechanics. So swap sorcery (BRP/Elric style) for Spirit Magic and Fetches become demons). 

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This sounds interesting! Love to see how you flesh this out!

A few years ago I was thinking of going the other way... RQ3 sorcery as base magic for both sorcerers and shaman.


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