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Odd Soot - Retro Alien Prints on Redbubble


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Following the fantastic response of Odd Soot, I'm making some of the illustrations available as wall art.

My first offer consists of six retro aliens in the style of 19th century scientific drawings. They are printed on heavy fine-art paper, perfect for framing. 

Print quality has been superb in my tests. The thick paper has a nice matte finish and a slight grain, as you would see in a real 19th century print. It truly looks as if these aliens come straight out of an old scientific folio. 

Regardless of your interior style - or lack of style - these prints will add a discreet weirdness to it.


New Alien Species Devoured by Their Gods 

In addition to the five main species in Odd Soot, I have also added a new alien to the lineup: The Enn. They live on the hazy, unexplored world of Calia, with a small outlier on Sisymbrium. On Calia, the gods and spirits live among the Enn – some benign, some lethal gobblers while others are mindless spirit beasts. It turns out that living with testy gods can be quite dangerous.


I hope you enjoy the prints. Let me know what other motifs you would like to see!



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M–SPACE   d100 Roleplaying in the Far Future

Odd Soot  Science Fiction Mystery in the 1920s

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