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Beer & Ale Prices

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In light of how the Wine Prices went over here are some prices and containers for beer. You can probably use them for ale. I believe ale had a separate set of measurements and units at one time, but we can probably get by with the one for Beer. Likewise Mead can use Beer containers.

The Beer Gallon: The beer Gallon is actually larger than the wine gallon, about 4.62 liters, as opposed to about 3.67 liters. So you are getting about 25% more drink for your denarii. 

About Beer and Ale:  All beer is brewed locally as it generally doesn't keep very long. At one time there was law in England that forbade the sale of beer more that four day old. Ale lasted longer, and was the favorite beverage of the time. Mead was also popular and kept longer than beer, thanks in small part to the honey. Beer and ale also had a lower alcohol content than their modern equivalents, which helps to explain why someone in the middle ages could drink a gallon a day. 

More about Wine: Just a heads-up but I had added a bit more to the Wine Price List, so if you like it you might want to give it another look. Also, would it be more useful if I combined these into a PDF instead of just posts?

Ale & Beer City Great City      
Ale (jug ¼ beer gallon) 1d. 1d.      
Local Beer (jug ¼ beer gallon) 1d. 1d.      
Mead (jug ¼ beer gallon) 4d. 6d.      
Quality Cost
Poor x1¼
Average x1
Quantity   Cost   Weight (SIZ), full Weight (SIZ) , empty
Firkin (36 jugs, 9 beer gallons, 1/24 tun)   x36   120lbs (SIZ 12) 25lbs (SIZ 3)
Kinderkin (72 jugs, 18 beer gallons, 1/12 tun)   x72   240lbs (SIZ 19) 50 lbs (SIZ 5)
Hogshead (216 jugs, 54 beer gallons, ¼ tun)   x216 (or x£1 with barrel) 700lbs (SIZ 30) 140lbs (SIZ 14)
Butt/Pipe (432 jugs , 108 beer gallons, ½ tun)   x432 (or x£2 with barrel) 1400lbs (SIZ 38) 280lbs (SIZ 21)
Tun (864 jugs, 216 beer gallons, 1 tun)   x864 (or x£4 with barrel) 2800lbs (SIZ 45) 560lbs (SIZ 28)




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5 hours ago, Uqbarian said:


I think posts are fine, but a PDF would be cool too.

Okay, it's not hard to do. Maybe I can add in prices for a few other things that aren't listed in Pendragon. 

5 hours ago, Uqbarian said:

(Minor note: you have 'beet' for 'beer' twice under 'Ale & Beer'.)

Minor correction. Thanks.

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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