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Gods War entities


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There are multiple entities in the Gods War game that are not much known in Glorantha Lore so far, mostly giant monsters.

Anyone know any more about:

The Behemoth (the massive dinosaurish Earth being)

Specters - commanded by the Malkioni - appear to be elementals that combine 4 different elements - Sandy once described ( http://glorantha.temppeli.org/digest/gd1/1995.01/0503.html ) some very dangerous Illusionary beings called Specters, but these seem  beings of elemental power not Illusion and Illusion specters were found mostly in the East Isles, so don't sound like the same beings at all. 

The Kraken - sea monster second only to Magasta

The Leviathan -  cosmic monster, recorded in the Guide as the Island Beast, but that is about all we know about it, no history or interaction with other beings. 

Anaxials Roster mentions Golatis the Behemoth is one of the parents of Oralza the Roc in Malkioni cosmology. More likely the Behemoth is the same being as the Green Behemoth, who patrols the shoreline of Generts Garden. 

The guide mentions kraken, but not The Kraken. 

Anything else? 


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Both Behemoth and Kraken are there as the heroes of their pantheon - demigod beings, like the Emperor of the Solar faction, Cragspider (an anachronism, or a post-factum heroquest insert/replacement?), or the Storm Champion.

The Kraken appears in the 1616 naval battle between Harrek's Wolf Pirates and Belintar's navy, at least in the Prince of Sartar version, responding to a priestly summons. (It can also be summoned from the moat of a hunting palais in Brandenburg in the Prignitz region...)

The Malkioni control elementals of all the other elements, without any of the special flavors of those elements. I haven't seen them described as Spectres, yet, but then my shipment hasn't even been avised yet.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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