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Panache Cult with Rune Magic

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, I give you... PANACHE! The best unofficial RQ cult ever, adapted for my house campaign as a subcult of Humakt or a stand-alone. Panache in noncanonical and YGMV but my Glorantha is AWESOME! This cult includes a handful of special fighting styles we used in our house campaign. (Posted as both a subcult of Humakt and on his own thread because he can be worshiped independently.)


Panache was a heroic Second Age duelist from Maniria.  His cult is found mainly in cities and he is worshiped either alone, as a subcult of Humakt, or as a special sect of St. Humct.

When worshiped as a subcult of Humakt, members of the Panache subcult cannot learn Sever Spirit. They have their own secret, BLADE DANCE. When worshiped alone or as a sect of St. Humct, Panache worshipers are resurrectable.

Panache Runelords are called Flynns.  A Flynn of Panache must have must have a 15+ POW.  They must also have 90%+ in Rapier, 90%+ in Panache, and 90%+ in any four of the following:  Another Blade Attack, Any Other Weapon Attack, Florentine Fighting, Brave, Conceal, Tumble, Scan, Savoir Faire, Honorable, Orate, Run, Jump, Balance, or Lunge. 


Savoir Faire (Passion) This skill allows a character to maintain a cool, controlled, superior, and slightly playful demeanor in the face of extreme stress. Badly outnumbered? Caught with your pants down with the Baron's wife? Accidentally challenged Jar-eel to a duel? You can face these situations without fear when you all that extra savoir faire!

CULT SKILLS:  Florentine Fighting, Lunge, Panache, Tumble

Florentine Fencing (Agility skill):  Invented by Flynn Florent of Malkonwal, a disciple of Panache. Taught by dueling schools in major cities, especially in the Holy Country. Requires skill in Rapier and Main Gauche. If wielding the Rapier and Main Gauche and able to move freely and use both arms, the fighter can add her Florentine Fencing Skill/20 to either her Damage rolls with Rapier and Main Gauche or her parrying AP of her Rapier and Main Gauche. AP only applies vs. melee damage. Choice of AP or Damage must be declared in Statement of Intent. When using Florentine Fencing in this manner, base attack skills and parry skills are limited to the skill or Florentine Fencing, whichever is lower. Magical enhancements still apply.  EXAMPLE: Conner has Florentine Fencing at 75%, Rapier at 90% and Main Gauche Parry at 70%. While using Florentine Fencing, his Rapier attack is reduced to 75% and his Main Gauche Parry remains at 70%. He casts Bladesharp 4 on his Rapier, raising his skill to 95%. He declares he'll be enhancing his damage in his Statement. His Rapier Damage is at +70/20 = 3.5 rounds to +4. +4 for Bladesharp. Total +8. 

Lunge (Attack Skill):  A special attack that allows the user to move up to Lunge/20 meters forward in a straight line and attack once in the same melee SR.  Requires Lunge, Balance, and a primary Melee Weapon Attack using either a 1h or 2h Spear, 1h dagger, 1h sword, rapier, or a similar impaling weapon.  Attack is resolved at the lowest of the three skills and cannot be interrupted by held actions. On a successful hit, he number of hexes moved is added to the damage.  Many dueling schools teach this fairly common technique, especially in Peloria (where it’s taught with the scimitar) and in Heortland and Safelster (where the rapier is favored).  The cult of Vinga claims Vinga invented this technique and teaches it with spears. 

Panache (Agility Skill)  This skill allows the user to make especially fanciful attacks and defenses or perform agility skills with flair.  The user may augment any melee combat or agility skill with Panache to achieve especially impressive results.  Alternatively, the user may combine an attack, defense or agility skill with Panache as a free action.  In this case the skill used looks especially impressive but is limited by the user’s Panache or the applicable skill, whichever is lower.


ARTFUL ATTACK (Rune Magic, Self, 1 pt.)  While under the influence of this spell, the Flynn augments his Melee Damage with his Panache or Tumble skill/20.  This damage stacks with bonuses from Florentine Fighting or Lunge.

FIND WEAKNESS (Rune Magic, Self, 1 pts.)  While under the influence of this spell, the Flynn’s chance to crit or impale is doubled.

PARRY ATTACK (Rune Magic, Stackable, Self, 1 pt.)  The Flynn must cast this spell on a functional shield or parrying weapon.  The next successful parry with that weapon gets +20 AP and cannot be broken. Multiple points parry additional attacks.

RAPIER WIT (Rune Magic, Self, 1 pt.)  While under the influence of this spell, the Flynn adds his Savoir Faire, Fast Talk, Orate, or similar skill/5 to his Dodge and Parries (so long as he can speak). This counts as a skill augment. This bonus does not apply against opponents with fixed INT.

SURPRISE ATTACK (Rune Magic, Self, 1 pt.)  As soon as she casts this spell, the Flynn can make move and an immediate melee attack against an enemy in movement range.  Casting the spell, making the move, and making the attack are a single magic action.


(When worshipped as a subcult of Humakt, this replaces Sever Spirit)

BLADE DANCE (Rune Magic, Self, 3 pts) For the duration of this spell, the Flynn’s sword moves at blinding speed. Whenever he attacks with a sword or dagger, the Flynn gets a bonus second attack at the same skill level. The Flynn may attack the two different targets within reach or attack the same target twice.

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