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Crossovers You’d Like To See


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Crossovers have been a thing in comic books (and their related media) since Superman teamed up with Batman on radio and in World’s Finest.  What crossovers would you like to game out with BRP/Superworld?


Batman (World’s Greatest Detective) vs. Arsine Lupin III (World’s Greatest Thief)

Both characters think fast on their feet, are acrobatic athletes, puzzle out mysteries, use nifty gadgets, are masters of disguise, and are supported by a team of colorful sidekicks.  They lack super powers but possess outrageous levels of skill in their chosen activities.  Batman is trying to stop crimes; Lupin is attempting to commit them (although he often thwarts worse bad guys and becomes a hero in spite of himself).  Batman is the superior combatant but Lupin typically avoids confrontations in order to trick and sneak his way to his goals.

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I'd bring back the Ultraverse comic characters, to team up with the big Marvel and DC heroes.  Night Man and Batman.  Firearm and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.  Prototype and Iron Man.  Mantra and Doctor Strange.  The Freex and the New Mutants.  The Strangers and The West Coast Avengers. 

I'd include Ultra Force and The Avengers/Justice League but many of those characters strain the BRP system.  Honestly,  except for the mostly human-level heroes which Superworld would do well, I'd use another system designed just for super heroes. 

Hmm, the Action Lab, Actionverse heroes would make for a fun crossover too.  Stray and Batman, Midnight Tiger and Spider-Man, Molly Danger and Wonder Woman. 

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Well, it has been about 25 years since the Ultraverse comics were a thing.  Most of them were fairly good.  I was matching up the Utraverse characters with their closest counterparts in the Marvel or DC universe.  The Freex for example were runaway mutant teens, Mantra was the primary magic-user in the Ultraverse, Firearm was a former British secret operative, etc.  Actually, Prime should be matched up with Shazam!  as both are young teenagers who have an adult super hero form. 

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