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Wergild amongst Orlanthi peole

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23 hours ago, Joerg said:

Storm worshippers are bullies. This is somewhat mitigated in the Orlanthi culture by the influence of Ernalda, but then Ernalda herself can also have a vicious streak and a long memory for insults. While there are myths where Ernalda is eager to show her loaded Storm husband another way, there are other incidents where she releases that loaded weapon to get the better of long-standing foes, as in "The Making of the Storm Tribe" where she tricks her old enemies of Darkness into attacking the assembled bunch of violent leaders and their followers. Two flies with a slap - storm guys united, dark folk beaten.

Agree. The situation here isn't one of rule of law – law is just one possible alternative to violence. If you have the law on your side but not the force of arms... that a clack will get you a cup of coffee. It's not about justice, it's about power and threats of violence.

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9 hours ago, Akhôrahil said:

The important thing to remember is why you pay wergild – you do it because because you want to avoid having violent trouble with someone. It's a way to "pay them off". If you're a successful War Clan, you likely just don't pay – what are they going to do, fight you? That's what you're already doing! If the opposing clan is too weak or too far away to be a problem, there's little need to pay wergild – those guys aren't a problem! 

Violence is always an option, but there is always another way...

For example, point out to the Issaries that the clan is dishonorable, and doesn't pay their legitimate obligations.  Shortages of staple goods, needing to send their own people to other clans to trade (instead of mechants arriving with goods) &c...

Reputational damage works both ways -- the injured clan looks weaker, but the strong clan looks dishonorable, and that might bite their asses with ANY clan in coming decades..


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On 4/14/2019 at 4:28 AM, Joerg said:

Fair is fair. Perhaps "outcry" would have been the better phrase - for all my practice writing English, this isn't my native language.


My apologies, Jeorge. I misunderstood.

I know the hassle of trying to get along in another language. My 'StraBedeutsche' is pretty awful nowadays and my Spanish is worse.

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