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Let's make sure BRP is a welcoming place for everyone.

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Hey all, it's Ellie, your friendly neighborhood Chaosium convention coordinator. At conventions a lot of my job is talking to new people about Glorantha and introducing them into the world. Helping ne

Thanks Ellie! People please, a lot of new members have been coming to BRP recently. Let's be welcoming, and avoid coming across like scholastic pendants arguing about how many angels can dance on the

Best case scenario, in my humble opinion: Newbie: Hi, I just got RQG and I‘m new to Glorantha. Everyone: 😁  

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On 8/4/2020 at 11:34 PM, Darius West said:

"Keep deep lore out of newbie threads. If you can’t say it in one paragraph it’s not appropriate for a new user post. Deep lore threads are awesome places to learn, but only when you are ready for them. Help new members by linking to existing deep lore posts with “Here is some more information if you are interested.” Have more in depth info to add? Make a new thread and link to it. Remind your fellow experienced members to continue the conversation there."

I don't believe we should talk down to people or restrict them from "adult conversations".  Deep lore conversations can be very tantalizing to newbies, so I propose that we instead try to encourage them but make them inclusive and educational.  Then again I am drunk on free sake atm, so what do I know?

More a matter of one size NEVER fitting all...

Some new folk report being put off or held back by the "deep lore" aspect of Glorantha.  Enough to get by on, the first most-obvious gloss... is often enough, and often better than a "more complete" answer.

Others want All The Lore, grabbing the Guide as soon as they discover it, and reading it cover-to-cover, with frequent forays into the collective grognardia for views into "Greg Sez" & out-of-print material & "at that 'con in 1988... or was it 86?" &c ...

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