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Magnetic Statues


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Magnetic Mountain used to be the main dwarf center in the west, roughly in Jrustela. It isn't quite clear to me whether the Curustus mountain chain is the stump of that mountain or the rubble of it imploding.

There are of course magnetic minerals, like the material these statues are hewn from or Ferrite (Fe3O4, one of the heaviest minerals around) from the gold sands, but in a bronze-using society, the chances to trigger a magnetic reaction are rather low.

But then, the Mostali Magnetic Mountain appeared to attract anything material, not just magnetized items.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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Greg and Jeff seem to bend science to make the magic work quite a lot. Take, for example, all of our various discussions on Rune metals etc. when we're asking 'is Gloranthan ur-metal really iron, or is it just Glorathan equivalent?' Insert long grog discussion /debate /argument  here... :lol: The world works the way the ref says it does. Just so long as there is consistency, we all just roll with it.

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