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Glorantha Miniatures

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Mad Knight Troll skeletons. 




Black Horse Troop.  Figures I don't even know where to find anymore, but originally find by going through links from Foundry Miniatures.   Better figures should come available sooner or later, but demon cavalry in bronze age gear is surprisingly hard to find.




Grazelander Shaman riding a spirit horse (he's blue).  This is a Foundry figure from their Old West collection.  There is a VERY limited number of non-rifle armed Indians that can be used, but they are excellent models. 




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5 hours ago, Dissolv said:

... demon cavalry in bronze age gear is surprisingly hard to find...

You have given me an inordinate amount of enjoyment with this line!

TYVM for your unexpected Sacred Time gift! 

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8 hours ago, Neil Patterson said:

Those demon horse troop figures are still available under the "Casting Room Miniatures" brand from Foundry:


Foot troops also available as well as Bison riders.

Thanks Neil, it has been so long that I had forgotten!  I may pick up some footmen for completeness, but there is already a huge backlog on my painting bench.  But still.....  

IIRC I omitted the shields partially due to reasons of poor fitment, but it may also have been for aesthetics.    These were painted a couple of years ago according to google photos.  (That particular picture is new.)  Castingroomminiatures was also the source of several of my "leader" bison riders, which I had been trying to recall.  

Greatly appreciate the link!

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Some more Lunars.  These are mainly Lance and Laser with a Frostgrave snuck in.  Not my best photo of all five.




More Lance and Laser, still some of the better Glorantha figures available, and they paint up well.   IMO only Mad Knight can do better, and I'm buying those as fast as he can produce them.






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Here are a few more painted miniatures that I've completed over last the couple of months. It was a slow month for painting, but I'm still making progress. My backlog of unpainted miniatures has grown though due to the arrival of the Troll Caravan sets from Mad Knight. It's not necessarily a bad thing since the Mad Knight miniatures are simply awesome!

Enjoy the pictures.

The three baboon set from Lance and Laser



And here they are with the baboon shaman that I finished a few months ago.



Jack-O-Bear and Broo from Infinity-Engine's Runequest miniatures line



Dragonewt with Klanth from Infinity-Engine's Runequest miniatures line



Rubble Runners from Infinity-Engine's Runequest miniatures line



Broo Hero from Lance and Laser:




Pig Broo from Mad Knight:



Here's a sorceress from the Wizkids Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures line that I thought would be appropriate for Glorantha:


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I just discovered that the old Rackham miniatures are still technically available through a new retailer. Rackham made a number of highly cartoony and exaggerated - but definitely interesting - miniatures for their Confrontation fantasy range. I've previously used some as examples for how I'd imagine Lord Death on a Horse looks. Anyway, most of them seem to be out of stock, and I suspect it's the kind of deal where they only send them out once a certain number of orders have been made or something - but here they are. 

I'm going to link to the Sessair Kelt miniatures, who are a sort of fantasy Gaels mixed with centaurs, giants and minotaurs. Their range contain a few units I could picture in a Gloranthan-themed game - although some others are perhaps a bit over the top or a bit too Frazetta-babe-looking. 


Special shoutout to what is clearly an Orlanthi clinging to a standard with the Storm Rune!



Some other ranges/factions that might hold something of interest:

The Drune Kelts, basically "Evil Gaels" with associated monsters. I'd imagine some of these could be creeping in Delecti's Swamp, the Footprint, Snakepipe Hollow or even Dorastor. 


The Undead of Acheron. What it says on the tin. Undead of various races (including centaurs and other non-humans) with some added demons and stuff. Some of these are likely to be Glorantha-friendly, such as these Ghouls:


There are some other potential Glorantha-friendly models in there as well. Here's just a couple that spoke to me. Some nymphs/forest spirits, and a meditating mystic:




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