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Glorantha Miniatures


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11 hours ago, Stephen L said:

I'm gutted that I missed this.  Any-one any idea if I can get some of the duck figures?

Perhaps if I try @Helliwell, if he doesn't mind my summoning attempts...


You could try emailing him via the address on his company's website, Infinity-Engine. He's always been responsive to my email inquiries and orders.

I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Duck miniatures, in addition to a bunch of add-ons of other Glorantha figures.

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17 hours ago, Neil Patterson said:

There is another supplier of ducks......


In addition to the Ziggurat ranges which have useful Greeks and Centaurs, the Blades & Souls has Satyrs, ducks and elves...


I think they are labeled as "coots"... So is it time to revisit an old recipe? https://www.food.com/recipe/coot-stew-122280 (Though my memory of it is that one /stuffs/ the coot with brick, not just sitting adjacent in the pot)


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