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Simple Group Contest Boosts


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I’m starting to run a HQG game using the Eleven Lights campaign but we’re all new to the system.  I’m trying to figure out whether victory level boosts in a group simple contest need to be bought before the contest is rolled or if they can be purchased retroactively.  By RAW, they need to be bought before the roll (HQG, p. 70).  However, in the example of play (Samastina’s Saga: Leaving Nochet, HQG, p. 72), a boost is purchased retroactively, to turn a tie into a Marginal Victory.


I much prefer the approach in the example of play, but appreciate thoughts from those more experienced.  Perhaps I’m misinterpreting something in the RAW?

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Boosts are gained after the result is determined. So, you roll to see what happens, get a Minor Victory and spend a Hero point to bump it to a Major Victory.

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If we follow strictly RAW you would have to buy the boost beforehand. I have never understood why it is this way. Also remember that the amount of points depends on number of PC participants. And, more RAW, you could only boost tie or victory, not failure. These both only on Group Simple Contests.

I think the example shows GM being a good GM and giving players the possibility to change away from the tie.

Now, reading more of the rules, I am not entirely sure if the rules forbid bumping the single roll on Group Simple contest. Only the example says that.

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On 4/27/2019 at 5:52 PM, Nebuchadnezzar said:

By RAW, they need to be bought before the roll (HQG, p. 70).

As writer of the examples, this is an error in the RAW. The example is correct. This will go into the corrections page on the new Glorantha resource site.

If you've any other questions please ask.

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@David Scott how about the boosting of only victory as the RAW says? How about bumping single rolls?

"A boost assures a clearer victory, should they prevail."

Does this mean that boost only boosts the collective victory and cannot bring the group up from a defeat?

Can you still bump up with a HP single rolls in Group Simple Contests?

As I now read the rules again there is nothing preventing bumping single roll in GSC. It seems that a boost is meant for getting something else out of GSC than marginal victories.

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