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First GOLD seller in Miskatonic Repository

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On the occasion of our first Gold seller in the Miskatonic Repository - Joe Trier's The Idol of Thoth - we thought it a fitting time to congratulate all the titles and their creators that have (so far) made it to Gold, Silver, and Bronze sales status on DriveThruRPG!


The Idol of Thoth by Joe Trier ($3.95

Alone Against the Tide by Nicholas Johnson ($4.99)
Kirkwood Farmhouse Massacre by Fred Love ($1.99)
Solo Investigator's Handbook by 5e Solo Gamebooks ($9.99)
The Scales of Time by Michael Nagel ($4.95)
Zgrozy: Powidoki Przyszłości (Polish) by Marek Golonka ($1.00)
Zgrozy: Pasterz Ciem (Polish) by Marek Golonka ($1.00)


A Light in Darkness by Matthew Puccio ($3.99)
An Invitation in Yellow by Patrick Viggo Moeller ($2.99)
Drawn from the Dark by Michael Nagel ($8.95)
Isle of Madness by Ed Possing ($2.95)
Moonglow by John Almack ($2.95/$6.95/$7.95)
Plague by Matt Ryan, Noah Lloyd ($3.95)
Shortcut of Supernaturalism: Jasper St. Jones Got The Prettiest Bones by Tristan Jusola-Sanders ($1.99)
Terror Itself by James Coquillat and David Naylor ($3.95)
The Knife by Michael LaBossiere ($0.50)
The Man Downstairs by Adam Gauntlett ($4.00)
The Pipeline - A Call of Cthulhu Scenario for the 1980s by Alex Guillotte ($9.95/$14.95/$15.95)
The Prepared Investigator by Stephanie McAlea ($2.99)
The Titan Incident by William Adcock ($5.99)
Tomes of Terror by K.E. Brennan ($3.99)
Trail of the Monolith by Michael Nagel ($11.95)
When the Light Goes Out by Megan Tolentino ($2.95)
Visceral and Emotional Damage by Jon Hook ($2.00)
Zgrozy: Wernisaż (Polish) by Michał Gralak ($2.00)



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Still waiting for the Jonstown Compendium, Jonstown Library or whatever the RuneQuest/Glorantha equivalent is.

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