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Book Launch for Terror Australis - 26th May

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We have been delighted with enthusiastic reception the Call of Cthulhu release Terror Australis 2nd Edition has received, including the request made by the National Library of Australia to add the work to their collection, as being of "national significance".

Chaosium will be doing an official launch of the book on the 26th of May. Many of the Terror Australis authors will be in attendance as guests of honour. 
"The Terror Australis launch will be a great way to mark the release of the work, and also to recognise and celebrate the extraordinary longstanding contribution Australian writers have made to the Call of Cthulhu RPG and wider Cthulhu mythos", said Call of Cthulhu line editor Mike Mason.
The launch takes place on Sunday May 26th in The Atrium at the Woodlands Hotel, Coburg, VIC Australia. All are welcome.

Terror Australis Launch 26 May 2019.png

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Mark Morrison has written:

In the 1920s Australia gave the world the strange Cthulhu statue in the Sydney Museum, and Vegemite. These things are clearly unrelated.

There’s much more 1920s info in the fantastic new edition of Terror Australis from Chaosium Inc., for Call of Cthulhu. Penny & I originally wrote this in the 1980s with Lynn Willis and Larry DiTillio, and now it has been brilliantly updated by an all star team assembled by Adelaide legend Dean Engelhardt, and including our friends Marion Anderson, Phil Anderson, Geoff Gillan, Lynne Hardy, John Hughes, Mike Mason, Vian Lawson, Brian M. Sammons, Darren Watson, Richard Watts & more. Strewth!

Melbourne chums, Michael O'Brien has organised a launch party this Sunday arvo in Coburg, all welcome!

(details above)

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