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Which Runes and Techniques should the Sorcery spell Immortality have in your opinion?

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7 hours ago, Shiningbrow said:

So.... which god brought Death to the universe?

Humakt. Not connected to Air (now).

Or Eurmal, never connected to Air.

7 hours ago, Shiningbrow said:

Which element is known for starting wars??

None of them, but Storm Gods are known for their unruliness.

Personally, I don't subscribe to "Deities are Elements" ideas. For me, Orlanth did what Orlanth did because he was a rebel, a maverick and opposed to the Emperor, not necessarily because he was an Air/Storm God. Now, I grant you that Air/Storm Deities are normally aggressive and violent, with a few exceptions (Brastalos and Molanni, for example), but Air itself has started no wars.

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