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Delta Green Handler's Guide study time rules question


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I love DG... the best history out there is in their books. While a set time, like 5 weeks or 9 months, isn't given. I would base it on the Unnatural % gained and whatever condition you think the tome is in... and  just fudge it. (So if Unnatural % gained is 8% and 'months' is the time frame. If the book is legible and good condition, say 4 months... fudge it.) I know that's not telling you much. Or, you can do what I do, i just use what CoC 7e states in the Keeper's rule book, page 237-239. These work perfect.

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On 5/11/2019 at 10:16 AM, Hexelis said:

I see I posted this in the wrong section.

Did you? This seems like the DG area of the forum...
I'm only just getting going with Delta Green... though I've had the original books for years, I always used them as background, rather than having PCs as DG agents. I picked up the new ones a couple months back and I really want to try running a straight up DG game but I feel I'm a bit weak on modern intrigue and spycraft... so I've been immersing myself in whatever real world stuff seems pertinent.

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On 5/11/2019 at 12:15 PM, Hexelis said:

In the new DG Handler's Guide, When studying a ritual or reading a tome, how do you determine the study time? I only see it says 'days/weeks/months' etc. How many days/weeks/months?

In a situation where the Handler doesn't feel like they can make a fair adjudication based on the tome under consideration, I suggest the following:

Days: roll 1d6

Weeks: roll 1d4

Months: roll 1d12

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I would base my choice of time on the nature of the ritual or tome.  What are the effects of the ritual?  What sort of knowledge is in the tome?  The greater the effects of the ritual or the more complex & dangerous the tome, the longer time to perform/read-comprehend.  Also, the more time involved, the more room to play out the slow corruption that comes from exposure to them.

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