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A Cold Fire Within: a new six-part campaign for Pulp Cthulhu


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Out in PDF later this month* - A COLD FIRE WITHIN. A new and complete six-part Pulp Cthulhu campaign by Christopher Smith Adair. 

*as usual, if you purchase the PDF from Chaosium, not only do you get it to read and use straightaway, you also get the full price of the PDF off the printed book when it is out.


"Brendan Sterling sought answers in experimental past-life regression. Unfortunately, his mind isn’t the only one seeking answers in the past...."


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4 hours ago, Jakob said:

This looks ... unexpected. I'm curious, at the very least. The Two-Headed Serpent didn't really catch my interest, I think mostly because the cover screamed "Indiana Jones" a little too loud.

I'm curious by that statement, are you playing Pulp Cthulhu?

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9 hours ago, klecser said:

I really enjoy the breadth of NPC portraits on the cover. It screams "lots of people/things to meet and stuff to do." That sounds more crass than I intended. LOL

You mean it screams “lots of sinister people and things you didn’t want to meet and stuff to do to get away from them.”  Did you see the expressions on their faces?  No, they’re lying.  You didn’t go to junior high with them, and they aren’t working their way through college by selling magazines.  😱

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5 hours ago, drablak said:

I'm curious by that statement, are you playing Pulp Cthulhu?

No, but I might give it a try at some point ... I don't know, it just turned me off that the cover of "The Two-Headed Serpent" looked so specifically "Indiana Jones" to me. There's nothing wrong with that, I just thought: "meh, again someone using Indiana Jones aesthetics to signal pulp." It feels a little worn. The cover above looks fresher, to me.

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The cover looks too cartoony for me, even if it is Pulp Cthulhu - I quite liked the Indy Jones inspired cover of The Two Headed Serpent. However the internal art for this book A Cold Fire Within looks really great, the kind of thing I would like to see in the book. It's got me interested now...

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" Sure it's fun, but it is also well known that a D20 roll and an AC is no match against a hefty swing of a D100% and a D20 Hit Location Table!"

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