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Question all...someone pointed out to me that Avonmora is kinda stepping on the toes of Voria...I thought I avoided this...but what do you all think?


Goddess of New Beginnings, Vitality and Energy

Air, Fertility, Movement

    Avonmora is one of the three triplets born to Orlanth and the Fog Spirit Huraya. She is the Refreshing Wind, the Lady of Joy, Protector of Children, and She who is Invoked at the Start of Something New. The cool morning air that feels crisp on your breath at a new dawn. Her followers are inciters, albeit in order to encourage positive changes in people’s lives. In addition, there was always a point in Orlanthi children’s lives where Avonmora was their big sister, and were under her protection.

Out of all of the three siblings’ followers, Avonmora’s tend to wander the most, helping others onto new paths in life and picking those that have fallen off their feet. Their numbers are few, but two clans are directly descended from her: the Mora Don and the Shera Don clan. There her worship is much heavier, and both clans sponsor the yearly Vitality Chase which is a widely attended competition.

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