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I love the Runequest Slipcase Set but....

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... I wish that the Gamesmaster Pack was enclosed in something a lot stronger than the paper cover. There's no way that this is going to stand up to repeated use. Also, because of it's flimsiness, trying to feed the enwrapped bundle back into the half box is proving to be a real pain in the arse.

As a standalone item the packaging may make sense but as part of a slipcase edition, which one obviously chooses partly for aesthetic reasons, durability of the 'container' should have been more of a consideration.

At the moment I would be happy with Chaosium providing a pdf of this 'wrapper' so that I could print it on card stock, something akin to the half box it's supposed to slide into.

Like I said in the title, I love everything else about the set.

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This issue was discussed in this thread:

My personal recommendation is to take a deep breath and throw that paper cover away :)   Even if you replace it with something more solid, you will always end up damaging it eventually because a wrapper gets in the way of finding things easily in there.


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We didn't expect people would keep the single sheet cover wrap on the item, much like they wouldn't keep the shrink wrap on the item.

All of the info on it is on the GM Adventures book. We don't have a PDF of the cover wrap that would print out correctly onto cardstock, and that piece of cardstock would be bigger than 11x17, so it would have to be a special piece of stock that most people couldn't easily print, certainly not on most home printers.

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30 minutes ago, Addison said:

Thanks for chiming in Rick - I was looking to print at the local stationers which allows for larger sizes. Obviously if there is no pdf existent then it's all moot.

A few of us our mourning the eventual loss of the pretty GM screen dust covers that we have fallen in love with just to find that the love, alas, must be fleeting.

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45 minutes ago, Bill the barbarian said:

A few of us our mourning the eventual loss of the pretty GM screen dust covers that we have fallen in love with just to find that the love, alas, must be fleeting.

I am pondering lamination...


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I posted the original topic that lordabdul references, but never got round to mentioning my solution to the problem.  Since RHW asks ... I went on a laminating binge.  I laminated the softcover booklets that come in the games master pack (calendar, GM's tables, adventure booklet), and then laminated the wrap around screen.

I'm quite a fan of laminating softcover RPG books, so I've got it down to a fairly fine art, and I think it came out rather well.  I've attached three pictures, one of my slipcase (showing the GM screen in pride of place; the slight discolouration is flash catching the glossy surface of the lamination).  The second one shows the cover around all the books, and the third shows the detail of how I laminated it, focusing on the top of the "spine".  It's important to have those nicks in the lamination, otherwise it would be quite stiff and wouldn't bend "naturally" on its spine.  

Even having done all that laminating, everything still fits happily in the little cup.  The trick to getting things in and out is to put the sleeve in first, and then slide the other items into the sleeve.

Most well-balanced folks probably aren't reading this, and if they are, will just roll their eyes and carry on, but if you want to have a bash at laminating this, I would suggest doing the books in the following order:

1.  The adventure book.  This will get your hand back in to laminating, if you're a bit rusty.  The cover is reasonably firm, which makes laminating relatively easy.

2.  The two paper books.  These are a bit more tricky.  Laminating paper is harder, because it tends to flop around.  It's made a bit easier if you lay the book on top of another book (so it's elevated above the table) and then use a ruler to guide the contact paper onto the cover.  If you try to do this straight on the table, there's a danger that the edges will flop down onto your table, and picking up dust/dirt.  By the time you're done this, you'll be fairly used to laminating paper rather than card.

3.  Finally do the cover.  I'd suggest laminating to the spine, then dealing with the edges, and finally doing the second half of the job.  That way you can again rest it on a book as you're doing each half.  

I'm vaguely tempted to laminate the little cardboard "cup" at the bottom, so it's equally glossy, but I've never done something so unbookshaped before, so it'll take a bit more thought before I start.




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