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Pendragon & Prince Valiant play at GenCon!

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I just discovered that Chaosium is debuting a whole host of new convention scenarios this year at GenCon, and...


... there will be tables to play both Pendragon and Prince Valiant!!!

Here's the link to the news, directly from Chaosium's blog: https://www.chaosium.com/bloggen-con-preview-2-new-convention-scenarios-debuting-at-gen-con?mc_cid=1c38f85966&mc_eid=18d84ef2aa

Unfortunatley I live in Italy, so I'll not attend GenCon, but all fellow KAP forum members can rejoice in knowing that KAP and PV are again under the spotlight!

Is anyone in this forum planning to attend?

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I played in one of the games of Pendragon on Friday of GenCon. I was in the 2pm session of the game and it was a lot of fun. I had a great time. I played an older knight who lacked really any romance or courtly skills and was trying out for the Queen's Knights. I mostly failed and was the lowest scoring for Geniality at the table, but it was still great. Pendragon has a gift for making failure memorable and enjoyable.

This was the first time going to GenCon and Pendragon was a major reason for me to go. It was a pleasure to talk to the current authors and hear their stories. I'll give them a shout out because I know they're on here, but you were all obviously passionate about the game and, more importantly to me, you were welcoming and happy to share your time and stories with a stranger. So, thanks again everyone!

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