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Draconic Magic?


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I read recently that there was a set of 'Draconic Magic' rules published in the RQ Digest mailing list sometime c. 1993-94 and Wyrm's Footnotes 14.

Has anyone seen these? I'd be very interested in getting my hands on a copy of them if possible.


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Hey Loz,

I've got both of the MRQ books you mentioned and I've read the Dragon Magic there. I'm just also curious about older versions/editions of the same concept. Like to see what was done with it by others, you know?

I do like the MRQ one, though I'm not so sure about the Martial Arts focus it has.

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The draconic magic in that article isn't especially comprehensive; a handful of effects that dragonewts at different stages have access to, but actually quite limited in scope. The magic in the two MRQ books is far more comprehensive. even with the mystical/martial arts focus.

Yeah, at the time, Dragonewts were envisoned by Greg to be wierd/alien being with strange powers rather than "normal" races 'suitable for use as PCs) like humans, evles, dwarves and trolls. SO the magic was not done up as a system.


RQ3 had some rules from Dragonewt magic in the Glorantha book and/or Elder secrets. I can rehash the basics if you are interested. No doubt HeroQuest covered Dragonewt magic somehwere, too.

P.S> Anyone interesred in a Dragonewt coat? 100% genuine dragonewt, and I can let you have cheap ;)

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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